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    Akatsuki is a clan created for fun especially for anime fans. We wnated to make our clan the Best in We have most skillfull players as members and officers. Members can apply to us in contacts section or message the leader or moderator....  more
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    The Rerwairds Clan was created in 2015 by and for a group of friends from different cuntries and ages playing BeGone, and so we continue to play. Creating a Group of friends.

    And so until the creation of SMK where we play the vast majority of those who...  more
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    Between the common, the ordinary, between the generic and the standard, we are a single force, a force that advances to a rhythm of resistance, for to break what s already established, we are the opposition and we do not obey anyone, we are the fighters o...  more
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    Add one of the clan member! And you will join :)
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    The "AG" will accompany you everywhere that we are more than a clan we are a family where we all help each,clan,serious and respected,arche genesis Loyalty And Honor.

    Raidcall : 6400306
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    To join apply at
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    Since 2012.